Tim Boileau, Ph.D.

This Web site is a work in progress. I started the site in order to share information related to Instructional Systems Design and Human Performance Technology. In 2011, I completed my doctoral studies in the Instructional Technology Program, in the College of Education, at Wayne State University. My dissertation was titled "The Effect of Interactive Technology on Informal Learning and Performance in a Social Setting." In 2012, I joined the faculty of the Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology Department at Indiana State University. In 2016, I moved to University of West Florida as a Teaching Fellow, focusing on interdisciplinary learning and alternative learning spaces. I hope you'll return to the site from time to time as I will continue to add new content related to my ongoing research. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my CV, linked at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to peruse the links below for scholarly research papers I wrote to fulfill my program course work requirements.


7100 Papers
Effect of Computers on Learning
Content in Online Discussion Forums
Laptops in the Classroom
Bonnie Shellnut Interview

6110 Papers
Instructional Models
Design of Options Course
Instructional Unit: Options

7110 Papers
Instructional Philosopy - Cognitive Methods

7150 Papers
Formative Evaluation - Lectora
Product Evaluation

7180 Papers
Design Principle
Web Design Critique

7320 Papers
HPT Model
HPT in the Workplace
Performance/Cause Analysis

7920 Papers
EPSS Primer
EPSS Evaluation Tool
Stategic Plan

8110 Papers
Cognitive Load Theory: eLearning

8150 Papers
Needs Assessment Project
Needs Assessment Review - Homeless

  Curriculum Vitae